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Student Resources

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Academic & Personal Resources for Students

Welcome to our resource guide for academic excellence, student involvement, and well-being support. Explore UC San Diego's diverse access to academic tools and resources, available to elevate your learning journey and amplify your success.

Immerse yourself in a broad selection of student affairs and engagement opportunities, offering avenues for individual growth, leadership development, and community connection.

Prioritize your health and wellness with access to a range of services and programs, fostering a balanced and thriving college experience.

Find comfort in knowing that your education is a top priority for UC San Diego. We encourage you to explore our various academic tools which will support you in every step of your educational pathway.

UC San Diego's comprehensive suite of resources is designed to support every component of your collegiate journey.

***Please check back soon for our Community & Events and Student Well-Being pages. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out these central campus resources through Student Affairs: