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Academic Plans

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View sample Academic Plans that incorporate University, General Education, and Major requirements. 

These are meant to serve as sample plans that students can use as a guide on how an Eighth College student with your specific major can graduate in 4 years and takes into account course sequencing and potential overlaps. The actual class choices you make throughout your academic career can and will likely change how your individual plan looks. Plans will also vary based on quarterly schedule of class offerings and availability. 

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Create Personalized Academic Plan

Review and your degree audit (MyTritonLink), and after successful completion of at least one quarter, meet with your Department/Program and Eighth College Academic Advisors to create a personalized academic plan.

Academic Planning Worksheet

Additional Planning Resources

  • Alternatives to Selective Majors: Our friends at Seventh College put together a handy guide of alternatives to selective majors for students to explore their options. 
  • Computing Paths: UC San Diego provides an array of majors that offer students a unique computing experience. 
  • Exploring Academic Interests: A great resource through the Career Center to explore professions and paths by academic interest.
  • Health Beat: Interested in a pre-health or pre-med field? Explore health professions and prepare for the application process through participation in events, workshops, and pre-health advising (including information on med/graduate school pre-requisites) through the Career Center's Health Beat program.